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about me.

Hey 👋🏻 I'm Lauren Pearson, an incoming pre-medical student passionate about healthcare innovation. I'm also an international neurodiversity advocate ♾️ and public speaker 🗣️. I have spoken at numerous events by sharing my experience as a young neurodivergent changemaker.

In the past, I explored using brain-computer interface technology to create strength-based autism diagnostic testing. My current interests lie in exploring neuro-oncology research 🧠 (esp. w/ glioblastoma + pediatric brain tumours) and artificial intelligence. I love exploring new ways to further my intellectual curiosity and personal growth 📈.

some of my current affiliations.

recent projects.



Oncolnyx leverages biological signalling for therapeutics to tackle cancer mortality.

Project website ( →


as-dx [brain computer interfaces x ASD]

Using EEG technology for emotional testing alongside ADI-R to improve accuracy rates when assessing for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Project Article ->


pituitary adenoma resection (virtual OR) case analysis

Pituitary Adenoma Virtual OR w/Dr. Randy D'Amico - Recorded as a part of the Lenox Hill Neurosurgery BRAINterns program.

Step-by-Step case breakdown ->

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