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about me.

👋🏻 Hey, I'm Lauren!

I'm a student at @UofT, and I'm currently interested in the technological acceleration of human potential. I'm also an avid public speaker 🗣️ and have spoken at numerous events about my experience as a neurodivergent tech innovator.

My research interests lie in exploring computational 💻applications within biotech 🧬 (especially within neurobiology 🔬, medical imaging & more). I'm also super passionate about artificial intelligence🤖 in medicine (esp. in 🎗️ oncology).

In the past, I explored using brain-computer 🖥️ interface technology to create strength-based autism ♾️ diagnostics, built machine learning 🧠 tumor classification models. I consulted for companies like Walmart 🇨🇦 and the Mastercard Foundation.

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places I'm affiliated with.

my recent projects.


UofT Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Conference '24

I gave my 1st undergraduate research presentation! I was the only freshman out of the selected presentations ;) 

Presentation Recording->


MRI Brain Tumor Classification Model

Discussing + breaking down how I built a brain tumour classification model using machine learning & trained the model using 2D MRI images.

Video Walkthrough →


DIPG Heterogeneity + Reaction-Diffusion DL

Currently building a tumor forecasting prognostic program using reaction-diffusion equations & deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) for DIPG.

Project Memo


Using EEG-based biometrics to Quantify Autism Symptomology in ADI/AD-Rs

\Using the strength-based methodology for newly diagnosed ASD patients by providing accessible and efficient neuroelectrical data.

Project Article →



Leveraging biological signalling via molecular based diagnostics & therapeutics in order to tackle cancer mortality.

Technical Breakdown ->


Research EXPLAINED... Video Series

Focused on breaking down the latest research developments in the field of neuro-oncology, computational radiology, and advancements within artificial intelligence in medicine.

Full Series Playlist →

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